When poetry speaks I listen, so I can give the proper rendition.

When writing poetry, a true Poet must listen.

Poetry is hard, soft and bold, true poetry speaks to the soul.

Poetry is loud, yet it can be a quiet storm erupting in adjectives in verbs as a Poet composes and sings her song.

It can be sung in deep baritone, squeaky soprano or barely there alto, for true poetry can never be sung wrong.

Poetry speaks when I am asleep, poetry speaks when I am awake, for a true Poet there is no escape when poetry speaks.

Poetry is an entity with its own voice, designs and mind. Poetry uses it voice to paint expository images in the Poet’s mind.

As a Poet I can only deliver what I hear, as poetry whispers ever so softly in my ear.Poetry is neither a he nor a she for poetry is the voice of Jehovah Jireh that I hear speaking to me.

Poetry is short, Poetry is long, for there is no true dialogue on how poetry composes its song.






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