Hanging In The Realm

There comes a time when sorrow engulfs your soul and fill your spirit with a pain you can’t stand to feel. Submerged in the ambience of the entity I call surreal. Hanging in the realm of real vs reel, as my occipital lobe project mass illusions that I can’t stand to feel. As I reminisce of the weary look that lingered in your eyes, I can only sit here squeeze back tears and wish there was more time to say goodbye. A hologram of illusion, photons playing tricks with my eyes Fill me with sobs that’s quite difficult for me to hide. However I must come to the conclusion that this is real and not reel. We can’t rewind or pause to stand still. I am comforted with the knowledge that I gave you your flowers while you yet lived. I nursed your wounds with satyl and saline and watched as they failed to heal. My entity remains filled with a pain I can’t stand to feel, as I make my final petition and appeal. Etched in the realm, where no mortal can live Dear God can these bones live? I am met with silence and then he utters ”ye shall live”


About pamij

Hi, my name is Pami and I am a aspiring Writer, Poet and Blogger, Through poetry it is my goal to make you laugh, cry and create emotional threads that link each of us together in the fabric I call humanity. If you cry, I cry. If you rejoice, I rejoice, for your pains are my pains and your victories are my victories, with disregards to national origin, ethnicity and race, for no matter your geographical location you are my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. 21st Century American Poet- Pami Jones

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