Archive | April 2015

Hanging In The Realm

There comes a time when sorrow engulfs your soul and fill your spirit with a pain you can’t stand to feel. Submerged in the ambience of the entity I call surreal. Hanging in the realm of real vs reel, as my occipital lobe project mass illusions that I can’t stand to feel. As I reminisce of the weary look that lingered in your eyes, I can only sit here squeeze back tears and wish there was more time to say goodbye. A hologram of illusion, photons playing tricks with my eyes Fill me with sobs that’s quite difficult for me to hide. However I must come to the conclusion that this is real and not reel. We can’t rewind or pause to stand still. I am comforted with the knowledge that I gave you your flowers while you yet lived. I nursed your wounds with satyl and saline and watched as they failed to heal. My entity remains filled with a pain I can’t stand to feel, as I make my final petition and appeal. Etched in the realm, where no mortal can live Dear God can these bones live? I am met with silence and then he utters ”ye shall live”