Archive | May 2013

Dellusional Illusions


Emotions figments and fragments of illusions;the enemy inject them into you and me to try and steal our victory.

Emotions illusions woman of GOD?

What do you mean?

Fear, hate, anxiety are emotions that satan injected into humanity.

Sin started in heaven and crept into Eden, from there it just kept on breeding.

Hope came through 52 generations to save humanity from imminent annihilation.

Head of thorns, persecuted, ridiculed and scorned.

This is what he did, to rescue humanity from sin.

Yet you reject him so you can be condemned?

Torment over peace?

Defeat over victory?

This is what you choose?

Condemnation over salvation, because of compromising and rationalization.

Ticket to hell to scream and yell and this corresponds with with your intellect?

Man you kidding me.?

Are you playing with a full deck?

Woman of GOD I am not trying to hear that biblical lit.

I will chill and dine, there’s still time.

I have a life to live.

Woman of GOD just quit.

I am a condemned man.

My fate is already written in the sand, from choices I choose to make.

Minster to other sheep and just let me be I have no desire,

to avoid Hell’s fire.

I like it hot, toasty and warm.

Go away and Leave me alone.