There is no hurt like church hurt, battered and marred with scars that penetrate my soul.Tears keep flowing, yet I keep going. Searching for that inner peace, so that my pain will cease. Mutilated as they gaze in my face. Favoritism and Imperialism reign in this house of pain. I sought healing, yet my wounds festered. I don’t know how much my soul can take. I’m at my point of breaking. I fast, I pray and weep at my master’s feet. He gathers me in his arms and tells me no need to be alarm, I shall shield you from all harm. I am making, molding and holding you. Gold must be scorched to be tried. Burned to rid every trace of pride. Soldiers are made and not born. Through all of this I will never leave you alone. Just keep going you are almost home. Gird yourself with…

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About pamij

Hi, my name is Pami and I am a aspiring Writer, Poet and Blogger, Through poetry it is my goal to make you laugh, cry and create emotional threads that link each of us together in the fabric I call humanity. If you cry, I cry. If you rejoice, I rejoice, for your pains are my pains and your victories are my victories, with disregards to national origin, ethnicity and race, for no matter your geographical location you are my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. 21st Century American Poet- Pami Jones

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