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There is no hurt like church hurt, battered and marred with scars that penetrate my soul.Tears keep flowing, yet I keep going. Searching for that inner peace, so that my pain will cease. Mutilated as they gaze in my face. Favoritism and Imperialism reign in this house of pain. I sought healing, yet my wounds festered. I don’t know how much my soul can take. I’m at my point of breaking. I fast, I pray and weep at my master’s feet. He gathers me in his arms and tells me no need to be alarm, I shall shield you from all harm. I am making, molding and holding you. Gold must be scorched to be tried. Burned to rid every trace of pride. Soldiers are made and not born. Through all of this I will never leave you alone. Just keep going you are almost home. Gird yourself with…

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